Hot Toys For Christmas 2010

Most auction companies already have large mailing lists of potential buyers. Often times, they will also partner with banks to offer competitive financing for the new buyers. Be sure to research and compare auction companies before signing a contract. I also highly recommend personally speaking with at least two or three of their former clients. Ask them questions such as “were they completely honest?” and “did they get you the price you were looking for?”.

Do your research. Find out who needs what you have to offer. Look for common characteristics of the group of people you are best suited to serve. This will help you to define who your target market is. Remember your target market can be broad but your ideal client profile should be narrow. For example if you sell kids toys your target market is people with children. You can get more specific about your ideal clients by creating a niche. For example, if you sell kids toys that are made with recycled products your ideal clients are people who are interested in green living and sustainability. If you arrive at this type of clarity you have created your niche.

If the elements are a concern as we approach the colder temperatures ensure you have a shovel and de-icing mix should you require this “the day-of” for your guests as well as for your own safety.

MLS. You may be asking why the Multiple Listing Service is number eight on the list. Besides the fact that it is the most used tool for selling a house, it is also the most expensive. All too often I watch homeowners list their home with an agent who has no intention of doing anything besides pulling two local comps (similar homes that have sold in your area) and taking a few pictures for your listing. If you decide to hire a real estate agent to list your home on the MLS, make sure you interview them and ask them what strategies they’ll be using to sell your house quickly. A good agent can be your best friend, but make sure that they’re well connected, they have a good track record, and that they have some creative ideas for getting a quick sale.

Seller Financing. In a buyer’s market where conventional financing is strict, more and more sellers are taking advantage of this option. If you’re in a position where you don’t need the equity in your current house to use toward the purchase of your next house, you may want to consider seller financing. Seller financing is allowing the buyer to make payments directly to you. There are several ways to structure these transactions so that everyone profits and everyone is protected. Be certain you are dealing with an experienced individual when entering these transactions. For more information on this subject, contact our office.

Evaluate and adjust. Once you have a clear idea about your target audience and who your ideal clients are, as well as how your products/services are going to help them, you must evaluate and make adjustments when necessary. Determine if there are really enough people in your target market to sustain your business model. Ask yourself this: Are there enough people out there who need what I am offering? Will these people get tremendous value from what I’m offering? Will these people pay the price that I am asking? Can they afford it? How will I get access to the people who most need what I have to sell? After you’ve have thoroughly answered these questions, make changes if needed.

Papers are one of the worst items for cluttering an office. It doesn’t matter if you do your business 100% online, somehow paper appears anyhow. Check stubs, random stuff you’ve printed, mail someone else dropped in your office for some unknown reason. And it just tends to sit, unfiled or not in the trash can.