Wal-Mart has a brand called Kid Connection, often found in yellow or red boxes that are generally between .88 and .00. Kid Connection offers toys such as pretend doctor sets, farm sets, drum kits, keyboards, pretend computers, dolls, race car tracks, and many other fun and educational toys.

This is still a work in progress. However, she has 1 large box of stored toys, 1 large box in her room, and a medium sized box in the living room where she plays. That is 3 less medium sized boxes than before with no spillover. I know we won’t always be able to keep it that low with birthdays, holidays and Grandma visiting once a month, but it’s a great start for us. I’m thinking about using that method on some of my own excess.

Encourage your children to say goodbye and keep in touch – While teenagers won’t need much assistance to keep in touch with their old friends, younger children might need encouragement and reassurance when saying goodbye. Try to organize a leaving party for your smaller children and their friends and keep in touch with their parents. Your children might also need reassurance that they will see their old friends again.

Everything is neat, tidy and organized, except for two rooms in her basement. These two rooms are her Scary rooms. Bit overrun with seasonal decorations, home improvement supplies, kids’ toys and costumes. Like the old saying, “You are only as strong as your weakest link,” your home is only as comfortable as your worst room.

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